In 2007, Rabbi Sol Solomon created the television show, SHALOM DAMMIT, RABBI SOL SOLOMON’S PEACE, LOVE, AND ACID-REFLUX HOUR, which aired on Long Island’s Cablevision.
All 10 half-hour episodes of this classic mix of humor, lecture, song, and silliness, are watchable on youtube. Just click the links below!

EPISODE 1: In the Beginning.
Featuring: opening thoughts, a Talmudic Quiz, Torah Study, and Final Thoughts.

EPISODE 2: Ocean Blue.
Featuring: Opening Thoughts, Christopher Columbus Explored, Story Time (“The Little Mezuzah”), and Final Thoughts.

EPISODE 3: Volvo
Featuring: Opening Thoughts, 8th Avenue Meats, Torah Study (Daf Shavuah), Jewish Jokes, and Bye Bye Time.

EPISODE 4: Zitsfleisch
Featuring: Opening Thoughts, 8th Avenue Meats, Torah Study (Daf Shavuah), Kosher Quiz, Rebbe-Robics.

EPISODE 5: Shmuloween
Featuring: Spooky Opening Thoughts, Halloween, Arts & Crafts (Moish-o-lantern), Gittelson’s Travel, “The Rash.”

EPISODE 6: Thanks Given
Featuring: Thoughts on Thanksgiving, Weissbaum the Mohel, Jewish Jokes, Torah Study (Daf Shavuah), Hymn: “Thank You, Dammit.”

EPISODE 7: Dreidelcam
Featuring: Thoughts on Chanukah, Hymn: “Maoz Tzuris,” Dreidelcam, Song: “Anal Dreidel,” and a message from Dreidee.

EPISODE 8: Auld Lang Zion
Featuring: New Year’s Thoughts, Songs: “No Christmas” and “The Twelve Days of Nothing,” The Hateful 15 (Percent),” and Hymn: “Auld Lang Zion.”

Featuring: Thoughts on 2008, 8th Avenue Meats, Rabbi Sol at the Publicity Summit, “Letters, I Get Letters,” and More Meats.

EPISODE 10: Tee-Wee
Featuring: Rabbinical Driving Test, Opening Thoughts, Dr. Steinblatt, “Rebbe on the Town” (Rabbi Sol at the Baldwin Street Fair).