Shalom, Dammit!

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Bruchim Haba’im, my friends, and welcome to my little corner of the World Wide Web!
 All right, enough pleasantries, let’s get down to business.  My name is Rabbi Sol Solomon, and I am the spiritual leader of Temple Sons of Bitches in Great Neck, New York.  I am 53 years old, suffer from an enlarged prostate, and spend most of my waking hours complaining bitterly.  It keeps me young.

 In 2007, I hosted my own television show on Long Island: “Shalom, Dammit! Rabbi Sol Solomon’s Peace, Love and Acid-Reflux Hour – A Television Miracle.”  Ten episodes of the program were shot, as were three of the production assistants.  You can watch them all on  In 2012 and 2013, I brought my one-man show, Shalom Dammit: An Evening with Rabbi Sol Solomon, to two New York City theaters.  An early version of that brilliant, hilarious show (if I do say so myself.  And I do say so myself) is also on youtube. 

 Throughout the years, I have also made frequent guest appearances on a radio show called “Dave’s Gone By.”  The program, which combines music, interviews and “humor,” now airs Saturday mornings on UNC Radio (  This is the radio station of the University of Northern Colorado, which does not have a lot of listeners but does have a lot of co-eds, which, let’s face it, is far more important.

My previous appearances on Dave’s Gone By are all archived on the website, so you can trace my extraordinary evolution from an irritable young man to an irritable middle-aged man.

Most exciting, though, is that in 2011 (in the year of our lord, Larry David), I began doing a brief, weekly audio sermon.  A sermonette, if you will.  Called “Rabbinical Reflections,” the 2-to-5 minute lectures cover all the important aspects of Jewish life: birth, death, herring – as well as current events and whatever else is on what’s left of my mind.  For example, my first Rabbinical Reflection, which aired 1/15/11, had to do with controversy over the legacy of Martin Luther King.  The owner of a Colorado radio station decided to go on the air and read a listener letter which derided the dead civil rights leader as a Communist, a liar and a pervert (which would be perfectly fine for a Hollywood actor but a no-no for black politicians).  Not only did the station owner read the letter, he played the tape over and over in the weeks leading up to Martin Luther King Day.  In came the hate mail, death threats and advertiser cancellations, not to mention a rescinded invitation to Kanye West’s house for brews, blunts and ho’s.

The possible dichotomy of Martin Luther King the man versus Martin Luther King the leader is worthy of serious thought, but who has time for thinking?  So I just gathered my random rantings and put them in my first Rabbinical Reflection.  More than 100 have followed.

I post the texts of my Reflections here, in this blog, so you may study them talmudically and ponder what they lost in translation from the original Aramaic.

And so, my dear readers, I bid you welcome again to my internet home. On behalf of my dear wife, Miriam Libby, and our 19 1/2 children with another 1/3 on the way, I wish you good reading and a wonderful new year. Dammit.



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  1. 2011? Feh! It’s 5771 in my book. Now if only I could read.

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